Celebrating Women's History Month

Posted on March 03 2020

 Women's history Month

March 1, 2020 kicks off the start of women’s history month. A month of recognizing, celebrating and empowering women both past and present who have stood up or stood out for themselves and for others. Those who have touched someone’s life or made a contribution to the betterment of fellow Americans.  


 Glamour Nutrition


At Glamour Nutrition, it is not just a statement, it’s our mission!

“As a woman owned company, our mission is to inspire a community of active, healthy, and confident women who empower each other to reach their limitless potential.
We believe that empowerment comes when we embrace what makes us unique, and that true beauty lies in the diversity and community of us all. When we are comfortable in our own skin, we radiate in self-love. And there’s nothing more powerful and glamorous than a community of women who radiate #fromwithin.” - Glamour Nutrition


 Kate Hudson women's history month



Who do we admire at Glamour Nutrition?

We admire so many women but one who stands out currently, is Kate Hudson. We chose her because of her similar beliefs of empowerment and because of the stand she takes for fellow women.
Kate has always been a strong independent woman who has the power to lift women up. She shows them that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that true beauty does indeed, come from within. She encourages a happy active lifestyle and healthy ways to love your body.  



How can you celebrate the empowering women in your life? Here are some ideas to celebrate Women’s History Month

 girl writing a letter


Write a letter

Who has been your role model - your biggest inspiration? Have you ever found yourself in conversation talking about a person who you truly look up to, who has done something remarkable or awe-inspiring? Tell them!  Or better yet write them a letter telling them why you are inspired by them.

Putting down your sentiments on paper will not only brighten their day it will give them something to hold on to and cherish. Who knows? One day that letter may just be the inspiration that person may need.


 Girl reading a book about women's history


Read up

Take a look back in history at some remarkable women who have done something to make their mark and a lasting impression that benefitted us or that we can rely on today.

Women like...

Rosa Parks

Princess Diana

Maya Angelou

Florence Nightingale

Oprah Winfrey

Amelia Earhart

…To name just a few


Random acts of kindness text


Make your own impact - Even if it is in a small way by simple, random acts of kindness.

Ever watch a program and see someone who out of the blue did a nice act of kindness for a total stranger? How did you feel seeing that? Well you could be that person.

 Here is a list of small acts of kindness that you can do starting today.



girls talking and smiling at each other 


Look a stranger in the eye and smile at her

This is a very simple act and you will probably never know if she needed just that at that exact moment. Feel good in knowing that your effort to stop just for a few moments and actually see her could be life changing.


Helping a stranger reach an item 

 Lend a helping hand

Noticing someone fumbling or struggling with something is the perfect opportunity to jump in and do an act of kindness. It’s easy for us these days to get so distracted by what we’re doing not to notice when someone could use a little help if only for a brief moment to hold open a door or reach for something when her hands are full. 

 hugging a stranger


Get to know a co-worker

Pay attention to the people you work with. Is someone a loner? Does that one lady look like she is carrying the world on her shoulders? You just don’t know what struggles someone is going through. Take a few minutes to stop, look her in the eyes and say Hi. How are you doing? She just may need someone lend an ear. Who knows you might have a connection or words of strength and encouragement she needs to help her get through something.


 Feeding the less fortunate

Give if you can


If you are fortunate enough or have the extra means. Pull out your wallet and offer a meal to someone that crosses your path in need of a meal or if they simply ask for one.

Or...Do you know of a family that is struggling to make ends meet? One meal could make a lasting impact for both the parents as well as the children physically and emotionally.

Or maybe you have an acquaintance that you can just tell is down on her luck. Ask if there is something you can help out with? Would it be ok If I pay your water bill for this month? She can return the favor once things start looking up for her.  



Think positive be positive quote 


Pass on a positive quote or saying

Sometimes we can’t help but to have a negative thought or feeling. You may find yourself in the presence of someone who’s making a negative comment. When you do, take that moment to pass along a positive message that means something to you that hopefully inspires her to stop, think and possibly reflect. This is a good one…


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at start to change”



Remember one kind word could change someone’s entire day, therefore, making YOU that persons most memorable woman in history.


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