Creative ways to homeschool your child

Posted on April 01 2020

Now that your child’s school has moved into your dining room, most of us parents are struggling with figuring out how to help the kids adjust to their new classroom.

Work from home mom with kids

 All of us at Glamour Nutrition hope you and your families are keeping well, and staying safe during this difficult and uncertain time.

We want to help in anyway we can so we've put together some helpful tips to help you get through these next couple weeks.  

Do you find you are having a hard time with the new hat you are having to wear in our already busy life? We're here to help take the stress out of your newly assigned role of “Teacher”

Most schools have already started online classes with their students and for your child, that can mean hours of sitting still, stuck on a computer. For your sanity and theirs you’ll need to get organized and figure in “computer breaks”.

Whenever possible try to find creative ways to continue to teach them but in an active, productive and fun way.

Here are some ideas to help make school work fun for the kids so it is less stressful for you.  


Child using objects around the house to practice math

Throw out the paper and pencil!

Let's have some fun with simple math and problem solving

Have your child collect small toys in a basket. Have them work out the math problem using the toys they collected. For example: Q: 8-5= ?

Have your child place 8 items in a row on the floor then ask them how many do we need to take away? They will remove 5 items and have them count the items that are left.  

This is also a good activity to use for problem solving. Q: Mary went to the store and bought 10 apples, she stopped by her sisters house and gave her 3 apples. Later that night she ate 1 apple how many apples does Mary have left? Have your child put out 10 items, Have them give their sibling 3 they keep 1.

What is left?    


Creative learning ideas during quarantine


One of our favorites is...

Writing in flour

This is a fun activity you can have your child do while you are preparing lunch or dinner. This activity will not only give your child a fun way of practicing spelling words, working out math problems or studying for a test or quiz.  

This activity will also keep them occupied, allowing you the time you need to get things done.

The best part is it’s not just elementary aged kids that will find this fun try it with older kids as well.


Helpful homeschooling techniques


What you need:


Baking sheet 


Stick (optional – can use their finger instead)  


What to do:

Have your child write out words, Math problems etc.. one at a time and erasing it by smoothing out the flour between words.


Fun with math while in quarantine


Snack time counting


10 small bowls or for easy clean up -Cupcake liners

Snack- Cheerios,  fruit chews, goldfish crackers or similar item

Put a number in front of each bowl and have the child put the right amount of cheerios in the correct bowl

1 cheerios in bowl numbered 1,

2 cheerios in bowl numbered 2 etc…

The best part is they get to eat the snacks after.  


Teaching children life skills while schools are closed


How many of us have mentioned how upset we are that schools are not teaching our kids the basics that we feel they should still be learning? Now is our chance to teach them those skills.


Counting money and making change

Have your children “buy their meals”, snacks and drinks you can do this by giving your child play money to use throughout the day to buy food and drinks.

They will enjoy doing it and voila’ you are tackling that life skill with minimal effort. Not to mention, they are learning that everything costs money and maybe say to them on Monday, "Wow you have a lot of money" and then on Sunday see what they have left.

What to do:

Put a price tag on different food, drink snack items whether it is verbally or physically.

When your child has breakfast tell them how much it is and let them give you money to cover the meal Give them back change and have them count it back to you.

Encourage them to keep their money in a safe place like a purse, wallet, small box or bag  


Taking homeschool lessons outside using sidewalk chalk


Learn outdoors

Practice your child’s school work, outside, using sidewalk chalk.

You can take just about any subject outside. Just treat the sidewalk/driveway as a giant chalkboard.

You can keep your child engaged by taking turns being the teacher.

Let your children take turns being the teacher along with you. (Just be sure to address them by their “teacher name” Miss/Mr)

You will be surprised how engaged they become when they feel like they have an important, adult role.  


Finding creative ways to homeschool your child


Card hunt

Write questions on index cards. Then, using sing painters tape. Tape the questions onto doors walls chairs etc… around the house.  

Depending on your child’s age, either you or them can write the answer on separate cards and have your child walk around the house and add the answer card to the question.

You can go around with them or wait until they are done to check their work.

Explain which are wrong have them pull the wrong ones. Once you went through all the questions,  Have them redo the ones they got wrong until all are correct. 

What about non-school related activities for after school hours and weekends?

Here are a couple ideas 

What’s for dinner?

Let kids pick out a recipe from your cookbook for dinner.

Once your child picks out a recipe, go over the ingredients with your child to see if you have what the recipe calls for (keeping in mind that you can often use substitutions) If that recipe is not possible (…do to lack of ingredients, cooking method, time etc…) explain why and let them find another.

Bake a batch of cookies

3 ingredient Peanut butter Cookies

1 cup Peanut Butter ( creamy or chunky)

¾ cup Sugar ( white or brown or a combination of both)

1 egg

Place all ingredients in bowl; mix well.

Spoon 1 Tbsp dough into palm and roll into ball.

Place ball onto baking sheet flatten ball using fork to make criss-cross pattern.

Bake at 350 for 10-12 mins Enjoy  

Outside fun

Write an inspiring message using sidewalk chalk for walker by's to see. Now, more than ever everyone is looking for something inspiring or up-lifting.  

Plant a veggie and watch it grow!

It looks like we will be at this for some time. This is the perfect time to grow something that can contribute to the family. This is a simple “google” project. You’ll be surprised how many produce items, you have in your fridge that can be replanted.  

Take a break

Teach kids how to play simple games we played as kids. Simon Says, hopscotch red light green light etc...  


Encouragement during hard times


This is an incredible time right now. And you are doing a GREAT JOB!  

Sure! we are being forced to stay home...But it is with our families and we are getting to do things we normally don’t get to do.

Yes! At times it can be stressful but, if you have a plan, things can and will get easier.  

Organize your day!

Set strict times for

Wake up




Playtime etc..

To ensure you get a handle on the days activities and stay on schedule, get your children involved as much as possible in the planning of the day.  When your child sets the activities and times with you they are more likely not to argue about it.

When it’s time for bed try going over the next day’s schedule with them so you are all on the same page.

 “Since we have to start our school work at  9 what time do you think we should wake up? What time should we have breakfast?” Etc…  

Tip: When you let them know ahead of time that something fun will happen during the day they will want to stay on schedule to get to the activity.


“So tomorrow we are taking your math assignment outside and I am so excited about that! - Do you remember where your chalk is? You and mommy get to do your math problems outside on the driveway! How fun is that!!”  

Just remember - this is a temporary situation and you are not in this alone.

Almost every single family (pretty much in the world) are going through the same things, in one way or another. The last thing our families need right now is for us to stress ourselves out.  

Try to remain calm and get organized. If something you are doing is not working - change it up. If you are worried about your job and getting work done in the same manner as you have before… All you can do is the best you can do! Remember, you are juggling many more tasks throughout the day and don’t forget, your boss and his/her boss are all, pretty much in the same boat as you. We are all trying to figure this out. Just take it day by day.

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