Posted on February 06 2019

When it comes to Cathy Kelley’s beauty philosophy, it starts from within! The journalist and red carpet correspondent lets Us in on her approach to living and looking healthy, including the on-the-go snack that’s also her go-beauty product. Promotes overall beautiful complexion with collagen* 40G of on-the-go protein* Supports healthy metabolic functions*

1 PUNCH IT OUT – “Over the past few years, exercise has become a fun and calming part of my life rather than a chore,” says Kelley. The TV host even turns it into a social event. “On the weekends, I usually get together with a girlfriend for a workout class. I’m currently loving boxing,” she adds.

2 MORNING FUEL-UP – Kelley starts her day with a protein-packed breakfast. “If I’m home, I typically have an egg with avocado, plus one very large coffee,” she says.

3 TIME TO UNWIND – The blogger makes it a point to practice self-care. “I love taking time for myself, whether it’s reading a book or listening to a podcast,” she says. “It helps me feel relaxed and balanced.”

BEAUTY IN A SHOT – Convenience is a must for Kelley, which is why she relies on Glamour Nutrition Beauty Shot for its skin benefits and protein boost. The double-duty product is packed with collagen and contains 40G of protein. “I’m constantly on the go, so it’s really nice to have a product like Beauty Shot that I can just throw into my bag,” says Kelley. “I usually take it before a workout – I just add it to water, and I’m good to go!” Being around athletes, I’ve learned more about the importance of good nutrition. I always try to get enough protein in my diet, and I love that the Beauty Shot contains 40G. It’s so convenient and perfect for when I’m traveling!


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