Let's Talk About Sex...

Posted on July 01 2019

We all do it. It's part of our basic human nature, so let’s take a closer look at it.  

Benefits of having sex


Sex goes beyond just a physical activity, it means intimacy with a partner and can make an entire difference on your day. You don’t really need a reason for having sex, but there are many benefits of having it you might not know about: 

1. It's Heart Healthy

During sex, in addition to engaging almost every muscle in the body, hormones are released and this can cause an increase in both blood pressure and heart rate.*  

that after sex glow everyone is talking about

2. After Sex Glow

Women who are more sexually active tend to have higher levels of estrogen. Increasing your estrogen will result in smoother, healthier skin.*

sex can relieve stress

3. Stress Reliever

Did you know that during sex, special hormones called endorphins are released? Endorphins are a natural mood booster and stress reliever.*

having sex is considered exercise

4. Working Out

Intercourse in itself, can be considered great aerobic exercise and depending on the level of enthusiasm, can burn up to 200 calories!*

you will sleep better after intercourse

5. Sounder Sleep


Having an orgasm will help you sleep. The endorphins that are released during sex help you de-stress and get you ready for a great nights rest.* 

having sex improves your mood

6. Mood Booster

Sex can boost your overall mood and make you feel happier. Dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are released during sex, which can boost mood, increase compassion, and help you bond with your partner.* 

Still not feeling it?

Women are very different than men, we don’t have an “on” button and then we are ready to go. In fact, women  need to get in the mood with proper time and attention. If you notice a decrease in your libido, do not let it go unaddressed. Environmental situations such as work, stress, relationship problems, age and hormonal imbalance can contribute to a lack of libido. Consider supplements to help support your natural hormone production and get your groove back!  


Love Spell

LOVE SPELL is a great supplement to boost your libido. Made with a blend of traditional ingredients used to enhance the female libido throughout the ages. Working synergistically  with your body to naturally increase hormone production over time, it is a supplement for long term use. Love Spell can help you balance your inner self and it may also improve mood. This specific ingredient “Sensoril Ashwagandha“ supports a slow build up sensation and an increase in sensitivity.* 


All women are different and have different hormone levels therefore results and timing may vary. To ensure an overall healthy lifestyle, daily exercise and a healthy nutritional intake can contribute to overall health. You can find Love Spell at GlamourNutrition.com*







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