Mood Swings - How to Control Them

Posted on January 13 2020

STRESS is the biggest cause of mood swings!

Are you ready to lash out at any one and everyone and shortly after find you are having symptoms of depression? Do people call you Bipolar?
In today’s culture: work, family and relationships can pressure us into losing control of our actions and reactions. We only notice it after it has created problems and complications to an individual's life.
YES everyone will have a bad day here and there, and thats’ totally normal. After all life is hard! However if you have mood swings several times a day, and it is affecting your loved ones, then you might want to identify the causes and ways of improving it.
Controlling mood swings
Possible causes of Mood Swings:
- Stress
- Poor diet
- Lack of exercise
- Consuming too much Sugar
- Consuming too much Caffeine
- Drugs or Medications
- Pregnancy
- Menopause
- Lack of Sleep
Mood swings can mean you are happy one moment and angry or depressed the other. Life is a series of challenges but we shouldn’t make other’s suffer just because we don’t feel well.
The first remedy for Mood Swings is to be mindful of others that will have to deal with your mood swings.
meditation can help you reduce stress
Ways to be more MINDFUL:
Daily meditation has been shown to improve an individual’s attitude towards the world as well as having calming effects. 10 minutes of daily meditation, when done effectively, can change the entire course of your day.
Ritualistic habits can be what is missing in your life.
Your diet can affect your mood
Ways to improve your DIET:
Life is busy - we get it, that’s why technology can help improve our routine with simple changes. Today we have, available to us, delivery of just about anything! With the click of a few buttons we can have fresh food delivered, conveniently to our door. Other conveniences that are good for your body include, multivitamins, nutritional supplements and pre made healthy meals which can be a quick and easy addition to your diet.
Food has a direct effect on our mind and how we feel because the gut has over 100 million nerve cells and has a direct connection with the brain. You are what you eat, literally.
Improve your mood by being active
Ways to be more ACTIVE:
Working out every day may not be a reality for most people. After all, we are busy women! The trick here is adding in daily exercise while doing chores. Try taking a walk during lunch break, squats during laundry, lifting grocery bags and calf raises while watching TV.
Vacuuming the house alone burns several calories! Little habits add up and will have a direct impact on your mood.
cutting down on sugar can help you with mood swings
Ways to eliminate SUGAR:
Sugar may be addictive but you are smarter than that! The simplest way to eliminate sugar is by not consuming products that contain added sugars.
Get in the habit of reading labels before choosing items you plan to consume. Even healthy foods you eat may already contain natural sugars and natural sugar counts towards your daily sugar intake. For example, if you are eating several fruits a day then you have already consumed a large quantity of natural sugars.
The good news is, you don't have to eliminate sweets altogether. One way to still get your sweets without the sugar is you can look into sugar free products. In doing so you will cut out the sugar without having to cut sweets from your life. Keep the fruits and fruit juices but diminish the consumption of extra sugar.
We are with you on this one and all of our products are SUGAR FREE!
Cut down on Caffeine
Ways to be more ENERGETIC:
Caffeine affects our nervous system, directly affecting our mood.
We love coffee too but there’s a point we need to push back and let our bodies recover. An excellent way to do it is by occasionally swapping out your coffee for something else.
You can get extra energy from other sources besides coffee. Just make sure to read labels and look for natural ingredients and make sure that it does not contain added sugars. A good non-sugar caffeine alternative is L-Carnitine.
L Carnitine is an amino acid that works directly on your cell’s mitochondria burning body fat into fuel for more energy! So instead of having a second cup of coffee, swap out that extra cup for L Carnitine.
This wonder of a product is also vegetarian friendly, tastes great and of course sugar free.
Having self control is good for your health and well being
Ways to have more SELF CONTROL:
Scientific research shows that people who can manage stress rather than being affected by it, increase their potential in self control and are less prone to become addicted to drugs or medications. Sleep, meditation, better exercise and nutrition can also affect your mind when making decisions.
Self Control is not easy but can be mastered with time and effort.
having trouble sleeping
Ways to get better SLEEP:
Studies show that people who are sleep deprived reportedly have more anger, aggression, frustration and depression. Therefore, sleep is very important.
Technology is a big culprit. Diminishing cell phone, tablet and even television use at least 1 hr before bed can help create a better, more relaxing bedtime routine.
These items are distracting, they keep our minds going, even after we turn them off and the light they emit can be a big contributor to our poor sleep.
If you still feel like you need a little extra help you can try a supplement that uses natural ingredients, like Beauty Sleep or drinking an herbal tea (containing valerian root or chamomile) before bed. These can relax and naturally drift you to sleep.
Do not neglect yourself! Mood Swings are your bodies way of signaling you that something is being overlooked.
Mood Swings can and do go away with time and practice! Start today to a better, more mindful lifestyle!
Glamour Team
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