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Posted on December 21 2017

We love you sharing photos with our products, check out the love we received this month!

“When you consider that your body’s collagen production declines as you age, and that adequate collagen is needed for strong bones, joints, and skin, it seems like adding collagen to your diet is a no-brainer. Here are my top five reasons why you should be taking a collagen supplement. There are so many benefits yet so many, if not EVERYONE could use @glamournutrition collagen! IT HEALS THE GUT • IT STRENGTHENS BONES, JOINTS AND CARTILAGE • IT REDUCES WRINKLES, CELLULITE AND STRETCH MARKS • IT BOOSTS HAIR AND NAIL GROWTH • IT REDUCES INFLAMMATION. ” – Cristal Garcia
“Getting my daily dose of @glamournutrition . Love the way it makes my skin look and feel ?” – Ella Rose
“Starting my week off right post tennis workout with my glamour protein meal replacement ? I love this one because it also has collagen to keep me pretty too?” – Karina Velez
@glamournutrition has the perfffectttt lean protein drink specifically formulated for women! + this protein also contains beautifying ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen to keep your overall health and beauty in check! ?? will keep you guys posed on results!” – Erika Wheaton
“Just finished my workout?? Now having my post workout @glamournutritionmeal replacement to make sure I gain that muscle ?? The best part about this product is that it contains Collagen Hydrolyzed, which helps keep my skin firm and gives me essential vitamins and minerals.” – Danielle Eells
@glamournutrition chocolate whey post-workout❤” – Courtney Tailor
“Lovin’ my Glamour Protein from @glamournutrition ?” – Victoria Elise
I have always been a firm believer in taking care of yourself and overall beauty! 💁I think it’s safe to say that your hair, skin, and nails are the most important (and most difficult) things to upkeep. Thankfully, I discovered @glamournutrition ‘s Hair, Skin & Nails capsules. I’ve been taking one capsule a day and have already seen a HUGE improvement in the thickness of my hair, the texture of my skin, and the strength of my nails! Go to @glamournutrition to get yours today ladies, this is a glam must have. Use my promo code MANDY for 10% off for your order! #GlamourGirl
#glamournutrition @sarahstage rocking her bottle of Hair, Skin & Nails! 💖💅🏻.
See what a difference just one capsule a day can make on your hair 💖💜




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