Military Trail Anabolic Arsenal

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Why Military Trail Anabolic Arsenal?

Anabolic Arsenal delivers a key blend of herbs, roots, and natural ingredients to give you a longer, more intense workout. This unique blend of ingredients is the ultimate natural alternative to synthetic steroids. With a bold citrus flavor, Anabolic Arsenal will get you ready to pump, sweat, and grind harder than ever before.*


Key Ingredients:

These exotic ingredients are exactly what your body needs to maximize your gym performance. Tribulus Terrestris helps to support healthy testosterone levels and reduces fatigue. Eleuthero supports oxygen uptake and works to heighten focus. Maca promotes glycogen accumulation, supporting physical performance during exercise. As a bonus, Tribulus and Maca also support libido and sexual desire.*


How to Use It: 

For the unrivaled workout advantage and peak power output, take 2 tablespoons of Anabolic Arsenal before exercise.*

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