Beauty Shot - Curves

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  • COLLAGEN ON THE GO: Collagen plays a major role in the growth and repair of hair, nails, ligaments and skin. When consumed daily, collagen supplements give the body all the amino acids it needs to regenerate healthy connective tissue. Collagen is also known to aid gut regulation & digestion, support weight management, and impact detoxification.*
  • Whey Protein Isolate: Whey protein isolate is a rich source of essential and branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) to help improve your body’s composition and enhance fitness and athletic performance.*
  • Great Taste and ZERO SUGAR: Because you’re sweet enough, lovely! Our delicious beauty shot contains ZERO SUGAR, zero carbs and is friendly to Ketogenic Dieters.*

Protein never tasted so good! Glamour’s Beauty Shot offers the ultimate solution for delicious and convenient protein intake. Our pocket-sized squeezables are bursting with irresistible real fruit flavor while packing 40g of our signature Hydrolyzed Collagen Whey Protein Isolate combo. Loaded with all BCAAs, each sip of our liquid protein is great for lean muscle recovery and supports bright skin, long hair and strong nails. Even better? Beauty Shot has zero sugars and zero carbs. Now THAT’s Glamourous!*

  • Beauty Shot is a multipurpose, multi-use liquid protein for easy collagen on the go. You can add Beauty Shot to:






    Drink Beauty Shot anytime, anywhere! Add to your water to get your collagen on the go, drink straight or add it to food.

    Whether you are working out, looking for a beauty boost, need a burst of energy at work, or just want to spread your CLEAN protein intake throughout the day, Beauty Shot is your solution.

    Its high concentration of protein provides a gel like consistency that makes Beauty Shot very versatile, while easily dissolves into water it holds its gel consistency on food.

    TSA approved, Beauty Shot can be taken with you even on the plane!