Military Trail EREforce (Best before Feb 1, 2020)

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Why Military Trail EREforce?

There are multiple aspects to promoting healthy sexual activity including circulation, energy, endurance, prostate health, metabolism and testosterone levels. EREforce is formulated to support each of these vital physiological and biochemical functions. This product provides a precise combination of scientifically tested nutraceuticals and herbs that stimulate and intensify sexual activity.*

Key Ingredients:

EREforce contains a unique blend of traditional Peruvian and Amazonian herbs such as Catuaba, Muira Puama and Tongkat Ali Root which increase the male libido.*

With the addition of Maca, Smilax Medica, Tribulus Terrestris, 7-keto, and Yohimbine, EREforce is the ultimate testosterone booster and hormone stabilizer. EREforce is your comprehensive support for an enhanced libido and healthy male sexual function.*