Glamour Collagen


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  • 10g of Collagen per Stick Pack
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
  • 45mg of Vitamin C
  • Supports healthy hair, skin, nails,
  • Joints and gut health*
  • NON GMO Collagen
  • Full Aminogram
  • Grass Fed and Pasture Raised
  • Zero Sugar
  • Natural Flavors

As we age, collagen production in the body declines quickly, negatively affecting our hair, skin, nails, and overall complexion. Glamour Collagen helps replace lost collagen and improves overall cell health.With 10 grams of collagen per stick pack, Glamour Collagen delivers the perfect amount of collagen per day to restore your levels. Made from premium Peptinex B Collagen, these low molecular weight peptides are easily digested, quickly absorbed and rapidly distributed in the body. Glamour Collagen contains a full aminogram of 15 amino acids and is also packed with Vitamin C, a necessary nutrient that promotes collagen synthesis and boosts your immune system.*


  • Glamour Collagen comes in a sleek box containing 15 Stick Packs which is super convenient. Unlike plain, unflavored collagen powders on the market, our delicious berry-citrus flavor makes for a great water enhancer and can also be mixed with other beverages, hot or cold.

    You can take them anywhere and use them anytime!

    Put a couple in your purse or gym bag, tuck them into your carry-on for traveling, or store them in your snack drawer at work…take them literally anywhere! And whenever you want to quench your thirst, Glamour Collagen is readily available for you!*

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