Glamour Love Spell


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  • ENHANCE: This advanced formula supplies a specialized blend of botanicals and nutrients to support sexual vitality and performance*. Key ingredients include Maca, Damiana, Shisandra and Sensoril Ashwagandha to boost libido and regulate blood flow and hormone levels by acting as a naturally effective aphrodisiac.*
  • HEIGHTEN: Get ready and eager for fun in the bedroom with a heightened overall sexual experience.* LOVE SPELL supports stimulating sexual desire and intensifies sexual sensitivity and pleasure, which can trigger more intense and frequent orgasms.*
  • REVIVE: Arouse your senses and get intimate! LOVE SPELL’s combination of botanicals act as an arousal aid for intimate sessions, enhancing bedroom performance, and reignitng the fire and passion in a dulling romance.*

Has the excitement gone out of your sex life? Between family, work, and personal obligations, it’s easy to feel run down and tired, which can ultimately affect a woman’s sex drive. Whether your hormones are raging or you’ve just got a case of the blues, it’s no fun to not feel like yourself. Made with a blend of traditional ingredients to enhance the female libido throughout the ages, Glamour Nutrition’s LOVE SPELL is formulated to support female sexual desire while promoting physical pleasure. Get back your sexual excitement and love to make love, gorgeous!*

  • For daily maintenance take two capsules daily or as recommended by your health care providers.

    All women are different and have different hormone levels therefore results and timing may very.

    Love Spell is designed to provide long term benefit, its herbal formulation works best when taken on a going basis.