Military Trail Thermogenic Blast

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Why Military Trail Thermogenic Blast?

Dominate your workout routine with Military Trail Thermogenic Blast. This cutting-edge blend of ingredients works to burn body fat while building lean muscle mass for that ripped, cut look. Specially formulated for serious athletes, Thermogenic Blast boosts your metabolism to burn even more calories.*

Key Ingredients:

What makes Thermogenic Blast's formula so effective? Citrus Aurantium and St. John’s Wort work together to naturally boost your metabolism and stabilize your mood. Thermogenic Blast also contains green tea and caffeine for faster fat loss. With the addition of Chromium to enhance nutrient uptake, Thermogenic Blast promotes that full-body-fit look.*

How to Use It:

As the ultimate addition to your training and nutrition program, take 2 tablets per day. More advanced users take 2 tablets twice a day. These simple and easy-to-take tablets also act as an appetite suppressant, energy booster and performance enhancer.*

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